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Awnings signs are an effective method of displaying your advertising message in a tasteful, functional way. Our awnings are designed and manufactured from durable, weather-resilient materials. Awnings and canopies provide a great many benefits for your storefront. Storefront awnings provide shade, protection from the rain, and a rapping that makes your store stand out. These commercial awnings are available in several different materials and methods of storage such as:

  • Vinyl Awnings
  • Fabric Awnings
  • Retractable Awnings

Our roll-up awnings and retractable awnings are manufactured by the best in the industry. Our fabric awnings are provided by Sunbrella- a leading awning manufacturer. The Sunbrella and Dickinson fabrics used in these awnings are of top quality and available in many colors and patterns; we can custom build these custom canopies to beautify your storefront awning and make you stand out from the other stores on your block!

Canopies are a great way to provide an added benefit to your visitors by covering them from the elements. People appreciate commercial awnings because they make it possible to stay in front of your store until a storm passes by or to seek shelter from the sun’s ravishing rays. Either way, you have more people in front of your store, which means more sales!

Fabric awnings and vinyl awnings are also very easy to maintain. You never have to take your awning down unless it is ready for repair, which Clarke and Son Signs can also take care of.

Awnings are very durable and convenient. Vinyl awnings provide strong material that will last over the years. Fabric awnings will add the sparkle and brightness needed to set your store apart from the others. Making a selection from our wide array of commercial awnings can be very simple. Clarke and Son Signs is a well-established business and knows exactly how to guide you in the process.